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I wish I have a new replacement computer that doesn't semi-randomly bluescreen every three hours or so. It would make my exploratory learnings so, so much less stressful and depression-inducing. #rant #StupidComputer #FistSmashThroughLCDMonitor / #fz_diary
What’s the new excuse now? Women be saying they want to get to know you and then just disappear cause “I’m scared to get hurt” well damn, idk maybe just talk and start slow instead of putting your tail between your legs #rant #bruh
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It's a fantastical out of this galaxy fantasy to go through a day without someone making assumptions because of the crappy coat of paint I was dealt. You seriously think I chose this skin to occupy? Lay off,😫 please #tiredofitall #rant
Customer Service " We will be with you shortly" --> 59 MINUTES ??! #rant
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This “content creator” mentality needs to end. I like you, I like your posts, but I dont want to see you 5 times a day every time I open my social media app… #contentcreators #contentcreation #rant
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Mimarlık Söyleşileri Taksim Camii Kültür Sanat Merkezinde yapacağımız 8 derslik söyleşiye katılımınızı bekleriz. Detaylar afişte bulunmaktadır. @tcvakfi #mimarlık #kültür #kentleşme #Türkevi #betonarme #Apartman #rant #cami #modern #tarihikent
#Kanye right now after finding about #JalenRamsay he sick sick right now lol he might go on #rant #YE24 #Ye #Drake still right lol
I'm not an expert on graphic or layout design but.. If the client are not going to follow their own draft and will disregard it after you made what their draft says. I think you better charge an extra for time and effort they made you work for that. #graphicdesigner #Rant
#rant This is what I picture myself doing to the people I type passive aggressive emails to. I really try for these things not to bother me but man I can't stand plp that accept roles in the community (county, board of ed, workforce dev...) only for the tittle but don't do shit!!
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Tomorrow I have to use public transport. There's only 4 buses a day from my village & the first doesn't run until 0830 which is the time my train leaves 😫 Trying to get a taxi is impossible so I'll have to walk to the station. What a time to be alive eh! #Rant
Her ay yükselişle güncellenen mal ile hizmet fiyatları karşısında #enflasyon, #kar ve #rant kazançları da keyifle artarken (#refahyanılgısı), emek ücretleri neden yılda yalnızca iki kez karmaşık bir hesaplama ile yükseltilir, artar veya güncellenir? #kapitalizm #capitalism #faiz
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Anyways we have seen that people can #rant here at #algorand
It’s your birthday tomorrow and I fucking hate you . I wish I could forget #rant