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Anyone want to takeover to run a #nitter instance, #Hetzner does not permit running nitter, so I will terminate the domain in 15 days.
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You can still view that info if you"view the tweet" using #nitter so I guess it is still provided in the API and it's just hidden in the web and mobile app frontend…
When the Monitor complains about the Monitor which undoubtedly will come at some point, I think it's just fair to remind everyone,I'm only doing what the monitored account thinks is appropriate. #Nitter #HowTo #MonitoringAMonitor @AVintenAuthor
So is @Twitter changing its name to align with its new Misson? #Nitter where Nazism goes to grow. Watered by Elon himself and his little Nazi Nitter Elves. What next? Zyklon B adverts? From communication town hall to terrorist recruitment and gathering place. Hate, hurt, cruelty
Oh no! has been taken down, how will I see what Scabies has been posting now? #nitter #omidscobie
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Hi Graham. I blocked you ages ago too, so I could accuse you of the same thing? I don’t have ‘sock puppet’ accounts - I look on #nitter like everyone else 🤣🤣 Your tweets are public 👍🏻
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#Nitter service down because of illegal content Instance
#Nitter ist das das freie Twitterfrontend ohne Tracking, Javascript und Werbung. Macht auch einen Rss-Feed. Ich habs gerade mal versuchsweise gedockert.
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as long as this javascipt hell will not be fixed, there will be alternative frontends like #Nitter and #Twitter will loose money every second. this shoud be the next step to keep up the business running.
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You should work on the JavaScript hell you created with the last update, which brings up services like #Nitter, which also brings loses on your ads. On the other side: not my problem, not my money...
Do you use the #Fedilab feature to follow Twitter timelines via #Nitter?