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Outdoing the National Inquirer. Showing the country what a sad sack you are - garbage pail material. Junk. (One in comments used it for kitty litter box. There’s that too. I like how one told you to grow up. Agreed for sure!) #GrowUp #NeverVoteConservative
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An oldie but goodie fellas... Nothing like some fresh spray paint on your head full of chemicals to satisfy the babes in 1986! #GLHHair #GLH #GrowUp @awmpodcast
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Your game has turned into a pidgey boring and not worth it cause there’s no more freedom in raiding anymore #growup
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He is suffering from a phenomenon that happens to every actress: aging. But he blames his political views rather than on losing his pretty boy looks. #GrowUp
Throwing fertilizer at people that need to grow up. #growup #teamfollowback
To the girls at work that don’t like me for no reason …y’all are weird. #GROWUP😏😒
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And YOU didn't get anywhere near as far as he did. #GrowUp
A wise man once said, “There is a big difference between Justin Bieber and Harvey specter” 💥 Mic drop! #facts #growup #beaman Credit: Mr Bostani. IG : @abostani
I find amusing …big celebrities n sports stars promoting gambling in India #Dream11 #A123 in big events #IPL2023 …r they greedy or bankrupt or insecure….every corporate has CSR activities….. hope we have something like IPL cares on the lines of NBA cares.. let’s #growup
A very small technicality at that. C'mon guys. #GrowUp
and leave others to decide what they wish to wear. We can't be forced to do something, just to satisfy or amplify someone else's gender, race or religion. We don't force our sexual preferences on you, so again stop with the victimization of your sexuality on others. #Growup
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Indulo okkadina proofs tho nirupinchagalara, power lo undi em pikadamledu, uhaltho brathikevallu , istam vachinatlu abadham ni pracharam cheyyadam tappa inkem cheyyaleru, #Growup kids
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Liar. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #GrowUp
ずっとおとなしく、ただ目を光らせて待つだけ そんなの私には理解できない 世の中に腹を立ててばかりで疲れないの? 認めなさい、ホントはどうでもいいんでしょ? #GrowUp/Paramore
Yuki continues to be an immature child at every opportunity given…. #yuki #AusGP #growup #alphaturi
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Some people go too far. If someone is a crappy human and you wanna put them out there on social media, that's your choice. When you just attack their looks rather than having intelligent, adult insight, that just makes YOU look like a crappy person. #bullying #growup
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Will eat a beef and ched but has to be bullied into an IPA, unreal. #growup
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As soon as you separate yourself from everyone for spiritual growth and knowledge of self people are always quick to say your acting funny. #growup