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Investigating: Starting around 11:58 PT on Monday 03/20/2023, our engineers began investigating an issue with the SendGrid website. Users may experience intermittent issues with new account signups, account upgrades, and menu options … stspg.io/8ygd4p4v1n4y?u=h4cj…
Identified: Our engineers continue working toward a fix. As a current workaround for this issue, refreshing the web browser used to access the site will allow the site to load fully. We will provide another update in two hours or as … stspg.io/8ygd4p4v1n4y?u=fsjg…
Monitoring: Monitoring: Our engineers have implemented a fix and are monitoring system performance. We will provide another update in one hour or as soon as more information becomes available. stspg.io/8ygd4p4v1n4y?u=xkyp…
#Gmail even scans attachments for viruses automatically for an added layer of protection.
No more looking for that email with your tickets and whatnot ever again. Just save them to @googledrive! → goo.gle/3islYhl
You can now choose which actions come first on your inbox toolbar on the Proton Mail iOS app, and manage your inbox even more efficiently:
Now you can customize your toolbar on the #ProtonMail app for iOS to show the actions that best suit your needs: 📨🔥⭐📂. By quickly labelling, starring, or deleting emails, you can easily manage your messages, individually or in bulk, in one click: proton.me/support/toolbar-cu….
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Open Google Calendar without leaving #Gmail 👉 goo.gle/3YJgUEy
Ransomware is a major threat that can wreak havoc on individuals and businesses. At Mimecast, we're committed to helping keep you safe with advanced email security solutions. Learn more at our website. #cybersecurity #emailsecurity 🛡️💻
Researchers identified 57 extremely dangerous ransomware-associated vulnerabilities with complete kill chains, eight of which are excluded from @CISAgov's known vulnerabilities catalog. #ransomware #cybersecurity #infosec #ITsecurity bit.ly/3k8PQjM
A neat shortlist of @ProtonMail's best features that you can share with the friends you're trying to convince to make the switch. 😉 What are your favorites? Ours are #3 and #4. Thanks, @davidnield for the write-up, and @PopSci for featuring it!
Proton Mail may be the more privacy-focused email service you've been looking for. trib.al/uqx2WH1
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I'm so excited to announce that @Mimecast has been named @exabeam's Global Technology Alliance Partner of the Year. Thank you to the incredible team we have at Mimecast and team Exabeam-- it wouldn't be possible without you! #EmployeeAppreciation #Cybersecurity
Proud to report that we have been named @exabeam’s Global Technology Alliance Partner of the Year! Each year Exabeam honors the partners that display a passion for delivering successful security outcomes that help organizations work protected. exabeam.com/information-secu…
Did you miss our #developer advocates demo how to use the Nylas Calendar API to build a sunburst chart using the events on your calendar? ☀️ 📆 Don't worry, we got you: nylas.cc/3JQ8jvF
Users are reporting that they can't sign up with a Tutanota email address at WalletHub. Check out the reason given by their support - it will make you laugh! 😂 Dear @wallethub could you please fix this?!
Please note, Tutanota is an encrypted email service, we dare say you can't go more secure than with a Tutanota email address. 😉 See the whole discussion on Reddit: teddit.net/r/tutanota/commen… Check out Tutanota & why it's the most secure email service: tutanota.com/blog/posts/most…
Get up and move around! Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually lead to a decrease in cognitive performance. Stand up and stretch your legs, your productivity will thank you. #MondayMotivation
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